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Una obra de arte única en el mundo.

Guitar Custom Shop Boutique de “Martper Guitars Cusom”

Diseño steampunk con retroiluminación LED, auténtico reloj de cuerda.

  • Cuerpo: Tilo
  • Mástil atornillado: Arce
  • Diapasón: Pau Ferro
  • Perfil del cuello: C
  • Radio del diapasón: 350 mm
  • 22 trastes
  • Escala: 648 mm
  • Ancho de la tuerca: 42 mm
  • Barra de armadura de doble acción
  • 2 pastillas Roswell STA Alnico vintage ST-Style de bobina simple + 1 puente humbucker
  • 1 perilla de volumen y 2 perillas de tono
  • Interruptor de palanca de 5 vías
  • Herrajes de lujo cromados
  • Sistema de trémolo sincronizado
  • Mecánicas estilo Kluson
  • Encordado de fábrica: D’Addario .009 – 042

Opcional: body swamp Ash + 80€
Batería 9v para LED

Martper Guitars Custom is a company dedicated to manufacturing and customizing electric guitars and electric basses custom shop boutique.

The brands led by the luthier customizer Israel Peral (Spain) customize all types of guitars and basses by modifying any body style or semi hollow, inserting vintage parts, tuners, accesories, modifying in some cases the anatomy, contributing ideas to improve the electronic and by supposedly an aesthetic unique in the world.

These guitars are designed for professional use by beginners. You can now make your music with a work of art at the price.

All guitars are adjusted for action, nut, neck, pickup height, tremolo string – vibratoy, kill switch and new strings to have good definition, intonation and harmonics.

Our models have exclusive invented equipment by our company, painted and desings with metal and antique wood effects.

Add-ons such as knobs, picks, inlays, selector, input jack socket and other components are also decorated with different techniques so that they are integrated into the design.

The dimensions and weight of the guitar is the same as the series model. The few designs if there is a small difference which does not affect the sound or comfort.

With your new instrument you will make history, you will be unique, you will stand out in your solos and you will be a very special guitarist!

Our designs adapt to all musical styles: rock, metal, blues, punk and pop.

The finish is of high quality maintenance a standad in all our models that we have for sale.

To manufacture our models we use guitars from all manufacturers: Fender, Gibson, Jackson, Cort, Dean, Epiphone, LTD, ESP, Squier, Tokai, PRS, Ibanez, Yamaha, Rickenbacker, Gretsch, B.C. Rich, Carvin / Kiesel, Charvel Guitars, Kramer, Schecter, Washburn … and also electric guitars and basses manufactured by luthiers.

In addition, you can choose the color if you wish of your new electric or bass guitar, whether blue, green, yellow, red, black, white, gray, copper, metal, rusty iron, aged and used walnut, mahogany, basswood , ash … YOU CHOOSE!

Puedes ver muchos videos en nuestro  canal de YouTube “Martper Guitars”

Aprovecha nuestras ofertas con grandes descuentos en nuestra tienda online y en la app de en las secciones: Lo más raro de lo raro, Acabados de guitarra extravagantes y Montajes boutique: Superb Luthier -Fabricación de Guitarras Eléctricas.


The apocalypse is coming!
With this guitar-weapon you can defend against zombie attack!

Among the pickups he has a “trophy”, a zombie finger that is backlit.
After the Floyd Rose there are 3 boats (Blood, Virus and Antidote).
The saw blade really spins!

  • Basswood body with domed top
  • Bolt-on maple neck
  • Modern C-shape
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • DOT inlays
  • White binding on fretboard
  • 24 Frets
  • 648mm (25.51″) scale
  • 42mm (1.65″) Nut width
  • Double-Action Trussrod
  • 2x Hi-Gain Humbucker Pickup
  • Electronic 1 x Volume and 1 x Tone Control
  • 1x Kill Switch
  • 3-Way Switches
  • By Floyd Rose Tremolo
  • Gold hardware
  • Die-cast machine heads
  • Strings: 0.09 – 0.042



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