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➤ Option 1: Buy now! Our models available in stock

You can purchase one of the few made limited edition models in stock. You will own a one-ofa-kind instrument with very few alike in the world


Send us your guitar or electric bass and, after agreeing on a customized desing according to your likes and musical style, we will carry out a customization that will make your guitar or bass unique


You pick the guitar model, wood, hardware and electronics you need. We will use this as a base to manufacture a one-of-a-kind customized instrument for you

Do you want a unique guitar or bass?


We offer professional hand labour at fair prices with the best after-sales service

Martper Guitars Custom is a company dedicated to manufacturing and customizing electric guitars and electric basses custom shop boutique.

The brands led by the luthier customizer Israel Peral (Spain) customize all types of guitars and basses by modifying any body style or semi hollow, inserting vintage parts, tuners, accesories, modifying in some cases the anatomy, contributing ideas to improve the electronic and by supposedly an aesthetic unique in the world.

These guitars are designed for professional use by beginners.

You can now make your music with a work of art at the price.

All guitars are adjusted for action, nut, neck, pickup height, tremolo string - vibratoy, kill switch and new strings to have good definition, intonation and harmonics.Our models have exclusive invented equipment by our company, painted and desings with metal and antique wood effects.

Add-ons such as knobs, picks, inlays, selector, input jack socket and other components are also decorated with different techniques so that they are integrated into the design.
The dimensions and weight of the guitar is the same as the series model.
The few designs if there is a small difference which does not affect the sound or comfort.

With your new instrument you will make history, you will be unique, you will stand out in your solos and you will be a very special guitarist!Our designs

adapt to all musical styles: rock, metal, blues, punk and pop.
The finish is of high quality maintenance a standad in all our models that we have for sale.
To manufacture our models we use guitars from all manufacturers: Fender, Gibson, Jackson, Cort, Dean, Epiphone, LTD, ESP, Squier, Tokai, PRS, Ibanez, Yamaha, Rickenbacker, Gretsch, B.C. Rich, Carvin / Kiesel, Charvel Guitars, Kramer, Schecter, Washburn ... and also electric guitars and basses manufactured by luthiers.

In addition, you can choose the color if you wish of your new electric or bass guitar, whether blue, green, yellow, red, black, white, gray, copper, metal, rusty iron, aged and used walnut, mahogany, basswood , ash ... YOU CHOOSE!

You can watch many videos on our YouTube channel "Martper Guitars"Take advantage of our offers with great discounts in our online store.

  • We managed to keep the same nuances of sound.

  • The comfort and weight is true to the original.

  • You can have a unique work of art for much less than you imagine.

  • You will be the only one with an equal guitar, you will stand out and have an added value to your talent.


We have a complete team of wood and metal craftsmen, designers and luthier who combine their knowledge to achieve an unparalleled final product. We also have the latest technology equipment mixed with the craftsmanship of a lifetime.


Our expert team of designers will be in charge of capturing your idea and capturing it in the plans that will guide you in what will be a unique guitar in the world. We will contact you to know your tastes, musical style and even your outfit. All this will help us create an instrument like a finger ring for you.


Craftsmen in various disciplines turn fantasies into reality. Carving, manufacturing of decorative components, modification of old objects, adaptation and embedding of almost anything. Wood, metal, resita, crystal, acrylic … Nothing resists them!

Tradition and cutting-edge technology:

To make the guitar of your dreams a reality you need many tools! And we have them all!
We have automated machinery and of course the traditional tools that in the hands of our artisans get the magic Martper Guitars.


In Martper Guitars everything is unique, and painting is of the utmost importance in the final finish. How to paint an electric guitar that has embedded elements, different levels, different materials is one of the great decisions that must be taken to make it a work of art.

Adjustments and calibration:

Our experienced Luthier will be in charge of achieving an optimal adjustment of the electric guitar or electric bass.
We will install the string set of the caliber that you usually use.
We will perform height adjustment of the bridge and nut, adjustment of the soul or neck of the guitar, octave / fifth for optimal tuning, polishing of frets, alignment of the frets, hydration of the fingerboard, tremolo adjustment, height of pads and review of the electronic components .
It will also supervise the entire process of modifying the instrument to ensure functionality, quality and ergonomics.

And we are guitarists!

In our team we have professional guitarists who will test in our musical studio each of our guitars to ratify that the final result is excellent.

We ship to any country in the world!

We have been sending our guitars thousands of kilometers away for years, so we know how to protect them so that the customer receives it in perfect condition. And for greater peace of mind, all our shipments are insured.


Renowned elite artists already have a Martper Guitars

Do you want to know the models in stock we have for you?

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